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Google Adwords Part 2

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Get ranked right away through Google Adwords - Part 2


google adwords: http://adwords.google.com



Action Steps: 

  1. Visit: http://adwords.google.com
  2. Create a "Keyword targeted" campaign
  3. Enter a campaign name
  4. Select the location for the ad to show
  5. Select which networks to display your ad - Uncheck "Content network" when you first start
  6. Select which devices you want your add to display on
  7. Enter a daily budget
  8. Save and continue
  9. Enter the ad group name
  10. Select text ad
  11. Enter your headline
  12. Enter you ad description
  13. Enter your display URL
  14. Enter your keywords
  15. Enter your bid price
  16. Save your ad group
  17. Click -> Ads tab
  18. Click -> New Ad
  19. Modify your ad
  20. Click -> Save Ad
  21. Repeat another 2 times so you have 4 ads in total


Creating and Ad

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