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Understanding what Dreamweaver can and can't do

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If you’re completely new to dreamweaver there’s a good chance you’ll be wondering just what dreamweaver can and can’t do.
Many people have the misconception that you can create your whole website using dreamweaver, including creating the graphics for your page, creating and editing video clips and creating animations, but not exactly...




What Dreamweaver DOES allow you to do is to bring all these various elements together and organize them on a page, then ad text and colors (and other elements) that create a complete web page that you can present to the rest of the world!

What Dreamweaver DOES NOT do is

  • Create / edit graphics
  • Create logos
  • Add effects to graphics
  • Record or edit audio
  • Edit video
  • Create / edit animated images (flash)*

All of these elements including much of your actual page layout will need to be created using other external programs. Once they are created you can then use dreamweaver to bring them all together into one page.

If you're looking for a way to share your audio, video and photos with the world, the DreamweaverMadeSimple tutorials will show exactly how to do just that.

*Some versions of dreamweaver do allow you to create basic flash animations such as animated buttons.

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Understanding what Dreamweaver can and can't do


# thanks and my opinionArvind 2010-12-07 04:51
Hi Mr. Mark

I heard about Dreamweaver and Joomla also and now days Joomla is very famous i cant try cause i don't have that softwear. So i have to go with dreamweaver. And if possible i can say both.

And thanks a lot for your help because before yesterday i was thinking how i will learn Dreamweaver but today when i got your email i can say with your help yes yes i can do it.

Thanks a lot
Best Regards

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